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Corporate Events

1. Conferences

Conferences are the most common corporate events wherein the target audience can be large in number as well as quite variable. The conference may be for a whole day or may extent to two to three days.

2. Seminars

Seminars focus on particular issues and hence the number of participants is lower as compared to conferences. These days seminars not only comprise of lectures but also interactive stimuli.

3. Workshops

Workshops are again extremely common. Training Programs can be found in every organisation, sometimes for new joinees, at others for mid-level managers. Workshops are intermittent and quite frequent.

4. Board Meetings and Shareholders Meetings

Annual or Bi-annual or Quarterly meetings are large scale prestigious business events in companies wherein targets, future goals and strategies and the like are the core focus areas.

5. Business Dinners

Business dinners are held once a year, generally at the end of the year to mark the end of the financial year and celebrate the milestones achieved. They may also be held in participation with clients and promote networking.

6. Press Meets and Press Conferences

Press Conferences are crucial to companies’ growth. They are held to promote new products or to launch fresh marketing campaigns or to attract investors and inform the shareholders and public about financial issues.

7. Product Launch Parties

Common amongst Business to Consumers companies are product launches wherein big stars of the society are roped in. The launch event is coupled with grant dinner arrangement.

8. Trade Shows

Trade shows are primarily popular amongst Business to Business Companies and greatly helps them to sell their products and services to their prospective client companies.

9. Client Appreciation Parties

Clients and customers are the life and breath of every organisation. Special events and dinners are hosted for them so as to express how much a company values it clients and customers.

II. Events which are less formal and offer more enjoyment

10. CSR Events and Charity Functions

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the work profile of companies. Numerous kinds of CSR events are organised all through the year including putting up shows in participation with underprivileged children, conducting cleanliness drives, running in half marathons highlighting a cause, and the like.

11. Off Sites and Executive Retreats

This is a gala event, generally of three days. It is a combination of team games, talks, dinners and dance with the overall focus on bonding of colleagues together. The scale and quality of executive retreats varies with the target level of employees and budget.

12. Incentive Travel

It is one of the many motivational tools used by corporates wherein an exceptionally high performing employee or a winner of a contest of the company gets to travel for instance to a European country.

13. Award Functions and Employee Appreciation Parties

Big companies also have annual award functions followed by dinner and drinks wherein employees of different levels are felicitated and recognised with rewards for their varied contributions. These act as significant motivators for the employees and go a long way in increasing the company’s growth.

14. Theme Parties and Holiday Parties

Theme parties are generally held around festivals as well as new years’ eve. They serve as a break from mundane routines and are usually a hit with employees for being great stress busters.

15. Cricket Matches and similar Sports Events

Cricket and football matches are organised yearly in most large sized companies. Sports tournaments including squash and tennis are also gaining steam. Such sports events are focussed on bringing out talent on the field and promoting networking.

Bollywood Events

  • Music launch

  • Film Launch

  • Film Premiere

Family Events

  • Birthday Celebration

  • Wedding Event management

  • Anniversary

Fashion Shows

  • Fashion Week

  • Designer Show

  • Private Fashion Tour


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